Update on coronavirus from Supply360

As nations around the world respond to the challenge of coronavirus (COVID-19), adjustments to our global supply chain have been anticipated. Like many medical supply companies, Turenne PharMedCo has been impacted by production disruptions at factories in the hardest-hit countries. We are in regular communication with our many suppliers so we may always have updated information for our customers.

At this time, as infections continue to rise, priority to receive certain medical supplies (i.e. face masks, isolation gowns) has shifted to government healthcare entities. These measures ensure product availability in areas of the greatest need. However, our manufacturing partners still will supply reduced quantities of certain products to Turenne PharMedCo. Additionally, we have some existing inventories. Thus, we are positive about our ability to serve your needs.

Another factor that has contributed to the supply chain disruption is the unnecessary purchase of large quantities of personal protective equipment such as face masks to prepare for possible outbreaks. According to the U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams, these masks are ineffective in protecting the general public from COVID-19 infection.

To continue to serve our customers and support the effort to fight COVID-19, we must all be prudent. Please know that the health and safety of those we serve are highly important to us. Current customers will have priority in purchasing certain medical supplies. However, quantities may be limited, depending on existing needs and availability.

Our thoughts are with the many people who have been sickened by this outbreak and those that care for them. As we continue to monitor this situation, we ask for your patience and understanding.