Infection Control in Nursing Homes: Safeguarding Health with Supply360

Infection control is universally recognized as one of several top priorities within nursing homes, especially after the pandemic. Many elderly and immunocompromised residents require extra care and protection. Infections can spread rapidly in these environments, underscoring the significance of staff adhering to proper infection prevention precautions. The CDC has issued guidance on effective infection control in long term care.

Supply360 has established itself as a trusted partner in this endeavor by offering a wide array of infection control products. From disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizers, and hand soaps to personal protective equipment (PPE) like masks, goggles, and face shields, Supply360 provides comprehensive solutions to enhance safety and protect nursing home residents and staff.

The Threat of Infections in Nursing Homes

Nursing homes serve as a haven for individuals who often have weakened immune systems due to either age, underlying health conditions, or medications, making them more susceptible to infections. Consequently, infections can spread rapidly and wreak havoc within these close-knit communities. The elderly population is at higher risk of developing severe complications from even the most common infections, such as respiratory viruses or bacterial infections.  Pathogens can be transmitted through various means, including direct contact, contaminated surfaces, or respiratory droplets. Outbreaks can disrupt the normal functioning of the facility, requiring the staff to implement isolation protocols, limit visitations, and implement stricter control measures. This is why proper infection control measures are essential to minimize the risk of outbreaks and safeguard the well-being of vulnerable residents.

Supply360 and Infection Control

Supply360 recognizes the critical need for abundant infection-control supplies in nursing homes. By providing an extensive range of high-quality products, they support healthcare facilities in their mission to maintain a safe and healthy environment. Below are some key offerings provided by Supply360:

  1. Disinfecting Wipes: Disinfecting wipes effectively combat many pathogens. These wipes are designed for easy use on various surfaces, including countertops, doorknobs, and medical equipment. Regular use of disinfecting wipes aids in maintaining a clean and hygienic environment, significantly reducing the risk of cross-contamination.
  2. Hand Sanitizer and Hand Soap: Hand hygiene is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to prevent the spread of infections. Supply360 provides hand sanitizers with high alcohol content, ensuring effective sanitization when water and soap are not readily available. Hand soaps are also available that are gentle on the skin while effectively eliminating germs. Encouraging staff and residents to practice regular hand hygiene is important for keeping infection at bay.
  3. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Without equipping healthcare workers with appropriate PPE to protect against potential exposure to infectious agents, you are doing them a disservice. Our range of PPE includes masks, gloves, goggles, face shields, and several others. These protective gear options are a physical barrier, mitigating the risk of airborne particles, respiratory droplets, and direct contact transmission. By prioritizing the use of PPE, nursing homes can fortify their infection control measures and enhance the safety of both residents and staff.

These supplies will bolster any facility’s infection control efforts and help protect vulnerable individuals. Staff within nursing homes must be adequately trained and have specific guidelines to prioritize infection control precautions to prevent any potential rapid spread of infections. By partnering with reliable suppliers like Supply360, nursing homes can ensure a proactive approach to combating infections.

Let Us Help!

Together, we can create a secure environment that upholds cleanliness standards in facilities and maintains the efficacy of caregiving. It never hurts to be prepared. To learn more about Supply360, contact us online or call 866.710.7626 to see how we can meet your infection control needs.