Effective: January 1, 2021
product recall policy

It is our commitment to ensure resident, customer, and employee safety through the timely and effective processing of product recalls in all divisions of the company.


It is the policy of Supply360° to ensure prompt response to manufacturer/supplier product recalls, to house such products in identified location(s) to ensure no further distribution of product to customers, to return recalled products to the manufacturer/supplier for proper credit, to ensure customers have available quality product for their use, and to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.


In the event of a product recall, Supply360° will verify any customers who may have purchased the recalled product:

  1. Communicate to all Supply360° Managers, the Medical Supply Sales Team, and to all Customer Care Team Members the product(s) that have been recalled to insure effective communication to our customers.
  2. Communicate to all customers who have purchased the product the fact of the recall and arrange the return and replacement of any recalled product still in the customer’s inventory.
  3. Assign note to the product within the distribution software for order entry, purchasing, and picking tickets to ensure product is no longer purchased or sold to customers.
  4. Isolate remaining inventory within the warehouse for destruction or return to the manufacturer/supplier.